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One thing that can be stated is that Beckett pitched his heart out last night, except for one pitch in particular.  It wasn’t easy; you could tell that he was laboring.  The fact that it shouldn’t have been such a labor, Arlington heat notwithstanding, is an entirely different story. What matters is that he gritted his teeth and got the job done, except for one pitch in particular.  At least we know that the competitive spirit of Josh Beckett is alive and well, even if his command and all of his pitches aren’t.  Particularly one pitch in particular.

He kept the threats to a minimum through two and pitched around a jam in the third.  He had a bad inning in the fourth; he gave up a double, a groundout, an RBI double, a single, a sac fly that scored another run, and an RBI single for three runs.  Obviously it could have been worse.  He settled down again after that but gave up another run in the seventh; he induced a groundout for the first out of the inning but then hit a batter who scored two at-bats later on a wild pitch.  That one hurt the most.  It was the winning run that ultimately sealed our fate, and it was scored on a wild pitch.  That’s like having your starting pitcher walk in a run.  It’s embarrassing, and it hurts.  A lot.

All in all, he pitched a full seven innings, throwing 114 pitches.  He gave up four runs on nine hits while walking two and striking out three.  He was mediocre at best, but mediocre is a lot better than totally horrendous.

And the hitters did their part, kind of.  Actually, not really.  I mean, it’s all relative if you think about it.  We scored three runs; there have been times when we’ve won games after scoring only three runs and obviously times when we’ve lost games after scoring only three runs.  Last night just happened to be one of the latter.  We for the most part kept neck-and-neck, but ultimately someone has to come out on top, and it wasn’t us.

Ellsbury walked to start the game and scored on a single by Pedroia.  Middlebrooks hit a huge solo shot with two out in the fourth out to left field.  It was deeply hit.  I’m telling you, that guy has some serious power, and it’s all the better knowing that he’s home grown.  His future certainly is bright, but in the meantime it’s nice to see him continue that power and keep helping the team win.

Wanting to get in on the home run action, Pedroia walloped a solo shot with one out in the sixth.   Not only was it very refreshing and inspiring to see him belt one during a slump that’s basically lasted the entire year, and not only was it as awesome as always to watch him pour every last inch of himself into this enormous swing to power that ball all the way out to left field, but it also tied at the game at the time.

And then Beckett allowed his fourth and final run.  And then Albers relieved him for the eighth and promptly gave up a solo shot to double the deficit to two.  It could have been the case that we were tied at four at the time, in which case it would have only been a one-run lead, had Pedroia’s enormous fly ball not been caught on the warning track, which was obviously just such a huge disappointment like none other.  And then we went down in order in the ninth.

The final score was 5-3.  Ciriaco and Middlebrooks both went two for four.  Those two home runs were our only extra-base hits, and we had five hits total, while the Rangers racked up twice as many.  What can I say? We lost again.  That’s pretty much all there is to it.

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