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Brad Penny got lit up.  Period.  That’s something we haven’t seen since the first month of the season.  The final score was 6-2, and Penny allowed all six runs.  Six runs on eight hits with a walk and three K’s in five innings.  A two-run home run for Adam Lind in the fifth.  It was ugly.  Ironically, it was also efficient; it only took him eighty-two pitches to drop this one.  Every starter has a bad day, which was proven by Josh Beckett’s bad first month, so I wouldn’t mind this so much if it weren’t for the fact that it decreased our first-place lead to two games.  Like I say, it’s only temporary, but obviously I still would’ve liked to win this one and keep it at three.

So the game had highs and lows.  That was a low.  Masterson’s excellent two-inning performance and Ramirez’s good pitching in the ninth were highs.  The offense was a low; we only scored two runs.  The high was that, while one of them was courtesy of Baldelli, whom we already know can bat around, the other was courtesy of Jed Lowrie, who in his return to the field and the lineup after missing most of the first half after slumping a bit, hit a ridiculous home run in the seventh inning.  The first pitch he saw from Jesse Carlson ended up not in the ballpark.  And the swing was full, it was powerful, the kid looked great.  No wrist or knee issues whatsoever.  And his fielding looked great, except for one incident, and that incident was the only incident all day that was any indication of the fact that he hadn’t made a start in about three months.  And that was his collision with Mikey Lowell in the eighth while trying to catch a pop fly.  They droppd the ball, and Lowrie was charged with a fielding error.  That was the only evidence of inexperience and being rusty all afternoon, so I can live with that.  I’m telling you, I am so psyched to have this kid back.  He should have a great second half, get some experience under his belt, and he’s already proven that he’s a Major League starter, so we’re looking at our final answer to the shortstop position right here.  And if that’s the case, we’re in great shape, because this kid has all five tools.

Also in the seventh, Scott Rolen robbed JD Drew of a line drive in a ridiculous play that happens maybe once a year.  I couldn’t believe it.  He ran a few steps and then leaped towards second base and snagged the ball in the air.  That does not happen.

Today is probably the season’s showdown of all showdowns thus far, what with the trade deadline coming up.  Lester will pitch opposite Roy Halladay, and if JP Ricciardi is serious about trading Halladay, he’ll have to be brilliant.  I mean this should be an epic battle.  Some of the best pitching in the Major Leagues right here.  I’d prepare myself for a close score.  The lineup will have to be tight, making the most of every opportunity that comes up because with Halladay on the mound, there won’t be that many.

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There are eight games left in the regular season and no more days off.  This is big.  This is huge.  This is when it’s most important to bring our A game.  This is when we need to build momentum for the postseason.  We’re looking at the Twins, White Sox, and Angels for starters.  Let’s just hope we get the Angels.  We own them in the ALDS.  Sure, our record against them this season was 1-8, the worst against any opponent, but look at the starters.  Five games were started by either Pauley, Masterson, Wakefield, or Buchholz.  In October we’re talking Beckett, Dice-K, and Lester.  And look on the bright side: no matter how bad our season is or may be, it could never be worse than the season the Yankees are having.  Say hello to the end of an era; the Yankees won’t be invited to October!

The Rays clinched a playoff spot last night for the first time in club history, which is more than I can say for us.  We lost, 6-3.  Lester pitched eight innings, gave up five runs on eight hits, walked three, and fanned four.  All five of those runs were given up in the first two innings.  After that, it was pretty much lights out.  In fact, the third inning was Lester’s 200th inning pitched.  Masterson pitched the eighth and allowed a solo home run for Scott Rolen.

One RBI for Papi, and two for Bay, who hit a monstrous two-run shot with two out in the third.  Bay finished the afternoon two for three with a walk and a run.  Pedroia and Ellsbury, who’s back in top form, both recorded thefts.  Cora made a throwing error.  There’s a shock.

In other news, Curt Schilling blasted Manny Ramirez, and I mean blasted.  But all of it was true.  He said Manny’s “level of disrespect to teammates and people was unfathomable” and that “he was always kind and nice for the most part, but he’d show up the next day and say, ‘I’m through with this team, I want out now.'” I’d say that’s pretty accurate.  Call it tough love.  Meanwhile, it’s possible that Manny could end up being the National League MVP.  You never know.

If we want the Wild Card, there’s no problem.  That’s basically locked up.  But time is running out for the division.  We’re now 2. games back with only eight games left.  Winning the division now will require a major September surge.  Major surge.  It’s doable, but with every game that passes it’s more and more difficult.  We can, though.  We’ve got the stuff to be in first, no doubt.  The problem, as we’ve seen all season long, is actually getting there.

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