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Just in case there’s someone out there wondering what it feels like to be in this situation, it’s painful.  Let the record show that it is painful.  Excruciating, to be more precise.  Think about it.  There is a very large constituency of baseball fans who have still been watching live action, including Yankee fans.  But you’re not.  All you get to do is watch those fans watch the action while your team is fishing for a new manager and first base coach, hoping it doesn’t have to also fish for a new general manager, and really hoping that the players can get it together before Spring Training.  It’s a depressing, empty, miserable existence for baseball fans with nothing to cheer for in October except another team’s demise, which we will obviously do with gusto for the Evil Empire.  But, man, is the whole thing painful.  A little less painful now that the Tigers have disposed of the Yankees.  But still painful.

Especially since Tito will be a guest analyst for the ALCS on Fox.  Speaking of which, he won’t be going to the Other Sox after all; they hired Robin Ventura, so we’re the only managerless team at the moment.

Adrian Gonzalez has received a very well-deserved nomination for the Hank Aaron Award.

The Buckner ball is up for auction.  Seth Swirsky, who bought the ball from Charlie Sheen, is selling it.  The bidding starts at one million dollars.  At the time, the umpire marked the ball for authentication purposes.  The ball needs to go.

In other news, the Pats appropriately crushed the Raiders, 31-19.

Boston Globe Staff/Jim Davis

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