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Before we get into the action, I want to say that, as usual, the brass did an outstanding and extremely classy job during last night’s pregame ceremony.  We honored the legendary Johnny Pesky and lifted our spirits as one Nation as we remembered his.  And the commemoration will continue throughout the season as the players wear a black patch on their jerseys bearing Number Six.  In fact, last night, everyone, including the outfield grass, bore Number Six.  Well done.  As I said, we miss you, Johnny Pesky, and we salute you.

Same old, same old.  Did we play mediocre baseball? Yes.  Did it show in the outcome? Yes.  Ergo, did we win? No.

Cook took the loss and gave up five runs, four earned, on eleven runs over five innings.  He also walked one and struck out four.  Even that unearned run was technically his fault, because he was the one who made the throwing error to put the runner in scoring position so he could score on a single in the third.  And then in the fourth he gave up three straight singles that resulted in one run, and the fourth straight single after that resulted in another.  And then he gave up a two-run home run in the fifth.

It’s no wonder that Mortensen came out in the sixth.  So let it be known that the relief corps was not the problem, because the Angels were able to win just with the runs they scored off of Cook.  Mortensen pitched the sixth and seventh, Padilla pitched the eighth, and Aceves pitched the ninth.

But, as is too often the case, the hitters did not provide adequate support.  We could go back and forth as we always do about the fact that the pitcher shouldn’t allow so many runs as to have to lose the game due to a lack of run support and that the hitters can’t just put all the responsibility on the pitcher to get the job done, but the bottom line is that we lost no matter how you look at it.

Anyway, we didn’t even score at all until the sixth inning, when Ross walked with two out and Salty went deep on a fastball on a 1-2 count.  It was the fourth pitch of the at-bat, and he let it loose to right field.  In the end it had no chance of staying in the park; he just lofted it right out of there.  Podsednik doubled in the seventh and scored on a wild pitch.  And that was it.  It wasn’t enough.  We lost, 5-3.  There’s nothing more to it.  So much for Randy Niemann replacing Bob McClure as pitching coach.  There are no easy fixes for a season-long slump.

Johnny Pesky

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Well, it was a quiet week.  A quiet, quiet week.

As it turns out, my tribute to Tek may have been written too soon.  Apparently we’re talking to him to see if he wants to come to Spring Training as a non-roster invitee, which obviously conflicts directly with his previously stated desire to keep playing legitimately.  Bobby V. hasn’t even spoken to him yet since he’s not on the roster, so I don’t really know.

We signed Sweeney to a one-year, non-guaranteed deal for next season worth $1.75 million.

Randy Niemann is our new assistant pitching coach.  I feel like we shouldn’t be trying to bring people from the Mets to Boston.  It’s not like we need even more dysfunction than we have already.

Theo made an appearance on WEEI’s The Dennis and Callahan Show on Thursday during which he officially confirmed that John Henry opposed the Crawford deal and that Lackey’s elbow wasn’t right at the time of his signing.  He thinks that, when Lackey returns from surgery, he’ll be right as rain.

In other news, the Pats crushed the Broncos, 45-10.  Is anyone surprised? Nobody should be surprised.  The B’s beat the Jets and Habs this week but lost to the Canes.

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