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For Red Sox Nation, February means only one thing: pitchers and catchers! Truck Day, baby! On Friday the moving fans started the drive to Fort Myers.  Shipping out of Boston, as it were.  I’m telling you, I can feel spring already.  One month until Spring Training, and then it’s go time.  Anyway, Truck Day was as awesome as usual.  Johnny Pesky started the engines, the eighteen-wheeler left from the players’ entrance at Fenway, Wally the Green Monster was there of course, and new for this year: the equipment trucks will have in their inventory a box of well-wishing emails from the Nation.  Good luck for 2009.  The point is, it’s almost here.  I can feel it.  February’s cold, but Truck Day just puts that extra spring in your step (pun intended).  Baseball season’s right around the corner.  And we’re going to own it.  Wow, I love this time of year.

And we got to kick off our celebrations early, because Hank Aaron celebrated his 75th birthday on Thursday.  Always good to celebrate a baseball legend.

Some interesting developments to report.  Mark Kotsay’s having back surgery, which could actually make things very complicated.  Here’s why.  Mikey Lowell’s rehab is ahead of schedule, so that’s good, but we need insurance just in case.  In case of an emergency, the plan was to move Youk to third and have Kotsay cover first.  But now that Kotsay is having surgery, we’ll need someone to fill his role.  Enter Brad Wilkerson.  We signed him to a one-year minor league contract worth the Major League minimum of $400,000 with incentives: $2.1 million in roster and performance bonuses.  But it’s unlikely things will go that far; Kotsay is only expected to miss a month at most, depending on his rehab.  So we should be good.

Lastly on the baseball front, there’ve been some intriguing discoveries lately involving one A-Rod.  Or should I say A-Fraud.  Or perhaps more appropriately A-Roid.  Turns out he tested positive for two anabolic steroids in 2003, the same year he won the AL home run title and MVP.  Apparently this is how it all went down.  Major League Baseball has prohibited the use of steroids without a prescription since 1991, but there were no consequences for use in 2003.  But A-Rod tested positive at the time, and his information was found by federal agents with search warrants who seized all of the 0303 results in 2004 as part of a government investigation into ten Major League guys tied to BALCO, although A-Rod himself reportedly isn’t.  He’d been taking testosterone and Primobolan (scientific name: methonolone).  Apparently, Primobolan has few side effects and boosts strength with little bulk development.  It’s also pretty expensive.  Its use among players increased in 2003 because it’s detection period is short.  According to the FDA, Primobolan is not and was never an approved prescription drug in the United States.

Wow.  That’s all I can say.  Not that I’m surprised.  But yeah.  Wow.  I think I’ll let this one speak for itself.

On the hockey front, the Bruins are faring very well.  Recent conquests include the Rangers, the Habs, the Flyers, and the Senators.  Even when we lost to the Flyers yesterday, it was in overtime, so we still get a point.  We have 85 points right now.  That’s six more than the Sharks, probably the biggest disparity we’ve enjoyed all season.  We could be in line for the Presidents’ Trophy.  Even this late in the season, I still can’t get over how completely dominant we are.  It’s unbelievable.  Two years ago we were at the bottom of the pile.  Last year we lost the season series to the Habs and barely held out to the final game of our last playoff round.  This year nobody can touch us.  It’s fantastic.  I love it.

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