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Happy Pitchers and Catchers, everybody! They officially reported on Thursday.  Soon Spring Training will be in full swing, and before you know it, we’ll be gearing up for Opening Day.  (I mean Opening Night.  Again, thank you, ESPN.) I’m telling you, spring is definitely in the air.  When the pitchers and catchers head south, it’s time to start getting ready for the regular season, which is about a month away! It’s so close, I can almost hear the cracks of bats already.  Get psyched.

Guys to keep an eye on so far: the prospects, Bonser, Kelly, Wakefield, Delcarmen, and Papelbon.  Jed Lowrie and Lars Anderson, especially, are going to look to bounce back in an absolutely huge way, and if they do, watch out.  Bonser has a lot to prove.  Kelly has to show us what he’s got.  Wakefield needs to secure a spot in the rotation.  Delcarmen needs to bounce back.  And Papelbon, well, we all know he’s got work to do.

Speaking of Jonathan Papelbon, the New York Post just stated flat-out that Papelbon “may be closing for the Yankees sooner than you think.” Arrogant much? Papelbon said in an interview that he doesn’t know how his future played out.  He’d also said in another interview that, once his career in Boston is over, he’d be open to signing with another team.  So between those two comments, somehow we have Papelbon closing for the Yankees imminently? No.  What we have is a dictionary with the definition of “arrogant” and a picture of the New York Post next to it.  That’s what we have.  Please.  Papelbon is not pitching for the New York Yankees.  In case you haven’t noticed, he’s still very much with Boston.  Need he remind you of that fact with numerous crushing saves against you during the regular season.  No, but he’ll do it anyway.

In the latest chapter of the Dice-K saga, he was shut down until Friday with a sore upper back.  That better be the extent of it.  We need him healthy this year, and I think I speak for all of Red Sox Nation when I say that we won’t be very happy with a repeat of last season’s performance.  If he’s got a sore back and he sits out at first, fine, but his conditioning better ensure that he’s ready to go.  And none of these communication issues, either, because that was just sad.  Luckily, he passed his physical on Friday, and he’ll be throwing imminently.  Red Sox Nation sighs in relief as one.

Jacoby Ellsbury is no longer No. 46; he’s taken No. 2.  That used to be Brad Mills’s number, but now that he’s with the Astros, it’s free.  It was Ellsbury’s in high school, and it was Jerry Remy’s when he was playing.  I’ll be good to have a No. 2 back on the team.

That’s a wrap.  All we can do is play the waiting game for another month and a half until the real action begins.

Boston Globe Staff/Barry Chin

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