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No, literally.  We were one cut above the Angels.  It was a tie game going into the ninth, and then Jason Varitek, the captain, stepped up and delivered.  One mighty cut later and Drew with that speed of his was flying around third base to score the winning run in the top of the ninth.  Paps got his ninth save of the year, with a walk but without a hit this time.  So if it weren’t for that excellent swing by Tek to bury the ball in right center field, well, actually we probably still would’ve won, but he saved the bullpen and everyone else from a whole lot of extra work.  He finished two for four, so not a bad night for the captain.  That was his only RBI of the night, but I’ll take it.  Definitely no complaints here.

Bay and Ortiz each had RBIs, and Drew had an absolutely fantastic night, going two for three with two runs and an RBI, courtesy of himself in the second inning when he crushed a ball behind center field.  He crushed it.  He got good bat speed on it and there was no way it was staying inside the park.  I’m telling you, he’s just about there.  He’s right on the verge of getting hot.  And like I always say, when he does, watch out.  I remember how he played last year when Ortiz was out.  Man, I’d love to see him do that again.  His numbers went through the roof.  It was ridiculous.  So we know he’s capable, we know he’s got it in him somewhere, and it’s there.  We can see it’s there.  It’s only a matter of time.  Ellsbury continues to improve in the leadoff spot, going two for five with a run and a steal.  He’s batting .296 now, so just flirting with .300.  Within the next few days he’ll get it up there.

Youk was out again last night and will be for a bit of time; he’s been placed on the fifteen-day DL.  I think that’s best for the long term, and in the meantime I’m not worried.  We’ve shown that we do have the wherewithal to win without him if necessary.  And it certainly helps that our B team would be everyone else’s A team; we have some of the best backups in the league, and they’ve already got some playing time in so they’re already acclimated, which is perfect.  Pedroia left last night in the top of the fourth with a strained right groin but should be back tonight.

As far as the pitching was concerned, I was very glad to see that Masterson held his own.  I was a little concerned that last start would get to him a little bit because he’s a young guy, but he was good out there.  He should a lot of composure and maturity.  Six innings, two runs on five hits, four walks, and three strikeouts.  There’s the Justin Masterson we all know and love.  Delcarmen allowed a run, but then Ramirez came on and it was smooth sailing from there.  Ramirez got the win.  So Delcarmen and Ramirez now each have ERAs of 0.52 and Paps has an ERA of 1.20.  Ramon Ramirez has a 0.69 WHIP.  That means he allows less than one man on base every inning he pitches.  That’s unreal.  Delcarmen and Paps each have WHIPs above 1.00 right now, but they’ll bring those down.

So we have another late start tonight.  It’s going to be Wakefield at Matt Palmer.  Wakefield is 4-1 with a 2.93 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP.  I still can’t believe that.  Everytime I see that I do a small double-take.  It’s like he’s getting better with age.  It’s remarkable.  So hopefully he’ll keep that up and tomorrow we’ll be in a position to clean up.  I’d love to take this series from the Angels.  This could be the week we finally break into first and stay there.  And then we’d really be a cut above (corny, but true).

In other news, the Bruins forced a Game Seven last night with a 4-2 win over the Hurricanes.  Mark Recchi scored his fiftieth playoff goal.  I had to admit I was nervous going back to Carolina for that game, but if we can win there, we can win a Game Seven in Boston.  If there’s something we know how to do well, it’s win Game Sevens in Boston.  The battle happens tomorrow at 8:00PM.  Let’s win it.


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