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Last night’s loss was a loss on two fronts.  Stating the obvious fact, that’s twice as bad as a loss on one front.  And we can’t even afford one loss right now.

First, we have the obvious fact that we simply lost the game.  We had opportunities to score all night and let quite a few of them pass by without so much as a swing.  In the ninth inning, we were tied with two out and the bases loaded.  And all McDonald did with that golden chance to put the whole thing away on a 1-2 slider was ground to short.

We left thirteen men on base.  As McDonald himself pointed out, that’s an entire basketball team.  We left an entire basketball team on base.  We had the tying and winning runs on base in each of the last four innings.

Youk pretty much owned the offense for the night.  He started the game with a three-run long ball to left field.  The ball got out of the park in a hurry, and it was hit deep.  And he started what was then a potentially winning rally in the ninth with a triple and scored on a single by V-Mart.  He finished the night two for four with a walk.  Everyone else was pretty much silent.

Wake did his best to keep us in it.  The bullpen’s been working overtime lately, so he needed to go deep, and that’s exactly what he did.  He also said he’d stay in as long as possible regardless of the results, which is also exactly what he did.  He tossed seven frames, giving up four runs on eleven hits with two walks and three K’s.  So the balance between the high hit count and the low walk count meant he left after having thrown around one hundred pitches, which is exactly appropriate in terms of efficiency.  He had a tough time in the second inning, needing twenty-six pitches to get out of it.  For the rest of his innings, he settled down and threw between ten and fifteen.  He threw lots of strikes, too.  All in all, it was a good outing.

He gave up a solo shot and an unearned run.  It’s kind of funny when a pitcher gives up an unearned run.  If anyone else in the field makes an error that scores a runner, it’s not the pitcher’s fault, but if the pitcher himself is the one who makes the error that scores the runner, it is his fault, so even though the run scores by an error and not by a hit or walk or theft, couldn’t it be considered an earned run? In the second (not coincidentally), Sanchez bunted with the bases loaded and one out.  Wake made a wild toss to first, scoring two.  It was officially ruled a hit, an RBI, and of course a throwing error.  Wake was completely unprepared to corral that ball.  The bases were loaded, so he was expecting some swinging for the fences.  So he threw a fastball down and away and was taken completely by surprise with the bunt.  Then he was too aggressive with the throw.  That run tied the game and, you could argue, ended up making all the difference, because if it weren’t for that run, the game could’ve swung in our favor.  Of course, you could say that about any run, but the way in which this run scored makes it all the more irksome.  Had this run not scored, the run Ramirez allowed maybe wouldn’t have mattered so much.  Which is why, even though he had a good outing, he deserves the loss.

So that was the loss on one front.  Our other loss was literally Dustin Pedroia.  He fouled a ball exactly off the instep of his left foot in the top of the third and had to leave.  And we all know that Dustin Pedroia doesn’t leave a ballgame after just any run-in with a rogue baseball.  I mean, the ball was fouled right off there.  That’s the kind of thing you watch and you see how much that has to hurt.  X-rays showed that nothing’s broken, thankfully, but he’s using crutches and a boot.  He’ll be tested again this morning and will probably be out this weekend.  I think I speak for all of Red Sox Nation when I say that this is the absolute worst time this could’ve happened.  He just came off the offensive night of his life.  His slump was about to be a thing of the distant past.  And with the way we’ve been playing lately, we clearly need all the runs we can get.  This is a disaster.  Let’s just hope it’s not that serious and he’s not out for long.  Unbelievable.

Miraculously, we’re still tied with Tampa Bay for second.  We’re now three games out.  How they continue to lose on nights we lose to preserve the tie is beyond me, but I’m not going to question good fortune.  Tonight, we look to Buchholz to break the tie, win us a ballgame, and remind us what dominant pitching looks like.  Because at this point I think we do need a reminder.

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