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Through seven, last night’s game was incredibly close.  Scary close.  Uneasily close.  These are the Washington Nationals, but instead of lighting them up, we were trading runs back and fourth.  They’d score one, then we’d score one, and after seven we were only leading, 4-3.  It was very uncomfortable. I was looking at our team and had no idea who they were.  We were up on the Nationals that inning, but if we continued to trade runs, who knew who’d come out on top?

Then came the eighth inning, and we scored six runs and tacked on another one in the ninth for good measure.  We won, 11-3.  Nuff ced.  Needless to say, that’s more like it!

Pedroia went three for six and scored twice.  He’s back, and I mean really back.  Drew walked twice and scored.  Youk went two for five with two RBIs, two runs, and a base on balls.  Tek batted in two.  But then men of the hour were unquestionably Jason Bay and Jacoby Ellsbury.  Bay led off the second inning with a solo home run, his nineteenth of the season, practically making official his trip to St. Louis.  He’s currently leading all outfielders in votes.  Bay ended up going four for six with three RBIs and three runs.  That’s huge.  That’s what you get when you turn Bay loose against the worst team in baseball, which also just happens to be in the National League.  He’s seventh in the Majors in home runs and second in RBIs.  Bats cleanup for a reason.  I remember when he first came on board that Tito specifically didn’t want him batting cleanup because he didn’t want him to feel that he was replacing anybody.  Very smart move.  And just look at him now.  And how about Jacoby Ellsbury.  Four for four.  Perfect at the plate by hits alone.  Add to that a walk, three RBIs, a run, and a steal, and it makes you wonder why he won’t be joining Bay in St. Louis.  He’s batting .311.

For his part, Penny pitched a standard Penny-esque outing.  Five and two-thirds, three runs on six hits, three walks, six K’s.  We used four relievers to get it done; Delcarmen got the win, Okajima got a hold, and Saito and Bard took care of the eighth and ninth.  Extended rest works wonders for the bullpen.

By the way, Coco Crisp will miss the rest of the season after he has right shoulder surgery on Wednesday.  I’m telling you, with Ellsbury on his game and Ramon Ramirez (mostly) pitching to perfection, that trade keeps looking better and better.  I’d say it was a good move for all involved.  Especially us.  Especially in light of this.  I say this all the time, but it’s true: Theo is a genius.

Tonight it’s Jon Lester at Craig Stammen.  I’d say Lester’s looking to bounce back from his last outing, but he didn’t pitch badly at all.  That was that 2-1 rain-out loss to the Marlins.  Lester’s on the fast track to being his old self again.  He’s nearly there.  Still has some minor consistency issues (he did give up eight hits in that loss), but within a few starts I’d say he’ll be good as new.  And tomorrow is John Smoltz’s debut in Boston letters.  Again, nothing like a contest with the worst team in baseball to build up your confidence.  And since Smoltz pitched in the National League not too long ago, who knows? There may be some pop to his bat yet.

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