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Theo took out a full-page ad in the Boston Globe last Sunday thanking us for everything.  He also wrote a pretty eloquent editorial in the Globe on Tuesday.  In the article, he said he’d always planned to leave the team after the 2012 season, since ten years is enough; he drew inspiration from Bill Walsh’s statement that coaches and front office personnel should seek change after ten years with the same team for the good of both the individual and the team.  He said that leaving the team after Tito’s departure made sense because the decisions involved in hiring a new manager should be made by someone slated to lead the club for more than just the next season.  He said he bonded with Tito during the hiring process back in ’03 and felt that Ben Cherington, the ideal successor due to his extensive experience in a variety of roles in the organization including Theo’s assistant for years, deserves the same with his new manager.  He talked about the values of the organization: pride in our uniform and history, patience at the plate, mutual support among the teammates, always working hard, rising to the occasion, and of course appreciating the fans.

You’re welcome, buddy.  And thank you.  Well, enter the Ben era.  He’s got a lot of work to do, that’s for sure.

There are rumors that we should be interested in bringing back John Farrell, but as a manager.  However, we apparently aren’t talking to anyone currently managing.  Even if that weren’t an issue, the Jays would intend to get more than their money’s worth, and there is no way we’d pay an astronomical amount.  Plus, Farrell professes to enjoy it up there and thinks that he’s making an impact.  All of that is really a shame because the rumors are true: Farrell is the best guy out there.  He doesn’t rule with a completely iron fist, but there’s just enough iron in there to keep guys in line.  Hey, he kept the pitching staff in line, didn’t he? That’s more than we can probably say for Curt Young at this point.  Maybe that’s what we need for the entire clubhouse with this particular team.  Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter.  Toronto oh-so-conveniently just changed its employee policy to prevent lateral movement.  So, so much for that.

John Lackey is going to have Tommy John surgery this offseason and will probably be out for all of next year.  Raise your hand if you were surprised by that.  Just to be clear, there should not be any hand-raising.  Apparently, we have an option for an extra year at minimum salary if he misses significant playing time due to a preexisting elbow injury.  Sounds like that to me.  But I don’t think we’ll be exercising that unless his return is nothing short of stunning in a good way.

Gonzalez and Ellsbury were both nominated for Best Player in the 2011 Greatness In Baseball Yearly Awards; Ellsbury was also nominated for Defensive Player and Comeback Player.  All well-deserved.

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals for finally winning the 2011 World Series.  It took all seven games.  Oh, right.  There was a World Series this year.  Who knew?

In other news, we lost to the Habs twice this week.  We only played two games, both against the Habs, one at home and one in Montreal.  And we lost both.  That’s just great.

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