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That’s better.  Much better.  See, this is how games with Kansas City are supposed to result.  What should have been a sweep will now be a series split if we’re lucky, but at least they can’t sweep us.  That would have been terrible.  Beckett pitched last night.  Luke Hochevar had no chance.

V-Mart caught Beckett for the second time, and I have to say it went pretty well.  Not the best, but it went well.  Beckett pitched six, gave up two runs on twelve hits, walked one, and struck out seven.  The twelve hits is what concerns me, and I think a number like that does reflect, at least a little bit, the catcher’s role in the game.  Somebody is calling those pitches.  The pitcher can shake him off, but not for every call, and I still don’t know if I’m one hundred percent sure that V-Mart’s bat is worth it.  Knowing Beckett, when he gets into playoff mode, there’s very little chance that we’ll actually need those few extra runs.

On the other hand, Beckett did only relinquish two runs, so who knows? Between now and the start of the playoffs, maybe they’ll really work it out.  Here’s the breakdown of the twelve hits.  Two were infield.  Six were grounders through holes.  One was a pop-up that dropped.  One was lined softly.  And two were really hard-hit: Yuniesky Betancourt’s triple and Billy Butler’s single in the fourth.  So we’re mostly talking about soft contacts that got lucky, and those decrease with time and experience.

With yesterday’s game, Beckett further passed the two-hundred-inning mark for the third time in four seasons.  This season alone, he’s pitched just over 207 innings, surpassing his personal best of 204 in 2006, his first year here.

Okajima, Wagner, and Papelbon were solid.  Between the three of them, three shutout innings with two walks and three strikesouts.  This was Paps’s first outing since September 18, and it looks like the extra rest was just what the doctor ordered.

And now, the 9 in the final score of 9-2.  It was absolutely fantastic; a complete and total onslaught of all that is the Kansas City Royals.  The best part? This wasn’t us one-upping them, or two-upping them, or three-upping them.  No.  This was dominance.  We seven-upped the Royals, sent a message, and exacted revenge for the first two losses, especially for that five-run first with our six-run fifth.  Maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but it was still really fun to watch.

Ellsbury tripled in two runs.  Pedroia went two for three with two runs and an RBI, and he is having himself quite the September.  Since September 7, he’s batted .357 with four doubles, three home runs, ten runs, and seven RBIs to go with a .419 on-base percentage.  During that stretch, he’s also had a fourteen-game hitting streak and six multi-hit games.  He usually does well in September, batting .290 in the month in his career, so it looks like he’s right on schedule.  By the way, he’s fourth in the Majors and second in the American League in runs scored.  Bay batted in two and walked twice.  Big Papi went two for four with four (count ’em: four!) RBIs! Three of which came on an extremely Papi-esque swing for the fences that ended up putting the ball somewhere beyond the left center field fence.  Drew went two for three with two walks.  And Gonzalez went two for five with a double.

Wakefield will start Tuesday after extended rest.  Nick Green won’t come with us to the Bronx but will rather stay in Boston with a back issue.  Hunter Jones was called up.

One more in Kansas City, and then it’s off to the Bronx.  I’m really psyched for this weekend.  I think we can make some major progress here, and not just in terms of the division.  In terms of the playoffs.  If we play a strong series against the Yanks this weekend, we’ll be more confident in October and have more momentum.  Either way, should a Sox-Yanks ALCS matchup result, we’ll be ready.  But we have to get through tonight first.  It’ll be Buchholz at Anthony Lerew, so it should go well.

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